martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Country: Venezuela
Capital: Caracas
Nacionality: Venezolano
Language: Spanish
Adjectives: Venezuela is beatiful, is an expensive country and a little noisy because of the tourists.

Country: Germany
Capital: Berlin
Nationality: German
Language: German
Adjectives: Germany is a cold country, very advanced in technologies and science

Capital: Brazilia
Nationality: Brasileiro
Language: Portuges
Adjectives: Brazil is a big country, very crowded and a somewhat cheap country

y: Japan
Capital: Tokyo
Nationality: Japonese
Language: Japonese
Adjectives: Japan is very small, very crowded with people, is also expensive and it's the most advanced country when it comes to technologies

Country: Nigeria
Capital: Abuja City
Nationality: Nigerian
Language: Igbo is the main language in Nigeria
s: Nigeria is a poor country and has a lot of people living there so it's very crowded

about me.

hi, there My name’s Jakobo Morales but you can call me Jakobito. I’m from Maracaibo originally. I live in Maracaibo, in Pomona. I’m 17 years old and I studying engineering at URBE. My favorite subjects are English.

I love the musicl, karting, soccer and baseball
I hate vallenato, getting up early , violence and lays

My dream is to graduate from engineering school, I want to have a good family in the future,

About English is a very cool language and also very important to find a job
= )